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Cheap Chinese Language Studying One Year in Gorgeous City Guiyang
By sally on 2019-05-20

Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia Province 


6000 deduction at most.


Tuition fee:

Chinese Language: 10000/Y (After scholarship is 4000)

Bachelor: 12000/Y ( After scholarship is 6000)

Accommodation fee:

3500/single room

2000/double room



Bachelor: Four years/Taught in Chinese

Financial Engineering/management, Energy economics, logistic engineering, human resource engineering, electrical engineering and automation, intelligent electrical network information engineering, energy and power engineering, chemical engineering and energy and chemical engineering, facilities agriculture science and engineering, food quality and safety, biological engineering, digital media engineering, information management and information system, data science and big data technology, internet of things energy, communication engineering, civil engineering, landscape architecture,     

engineering cost, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, service engineering, business English, translation, social work, preschool education, visual communication design.


Application materials:

a. Application Form for Foreign Students to study at Yinchuan University of

Energy. signature should be handwritten.

b. Photocopy of your valid ordinary-type passport. the passport must be valid

for more than 6 months.

c. Highest diploma (photocopy): Prospective diploma winners must submit

official proof of student status by their current school Documents must be

in original language /English along with the notarized Chinese translation.

d. Academic transcripts: Transcripts must be in original language/English

along with the notarized Chinese translation

e. Certificate of no criminal record. (in original language/English along with

the notarized Chinese translation

f. The main source of income and financial guarantor information for studying

in China (in original language /English along with the notarized Chinese

g Passport size photo (white back ground

h Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Photocopy)

i. HSK certificate (No need to offer if you don't have)

j. The copy of bank note for application fee

Application date:

Fall semester: 6.10 every year

Spring semester: 12.10 every year


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